Five Ways Your Business Can Benefit By Outsourcing for Accounting Services

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    alphausr / April 13, 2018 / Business Taxes, Services / comments

    The accounting department’s recording and reporting of cash flow transactions are one of the most important functions of your business. Managing invoicing, cash receipts, disbursements, payroll, budgeting, taxes, and the controls that govern these operations is what keeps your business financially healthy. However, for many small and mid-sized businesses, managing cash flow can be overwhelming. And especially for businesses that operate in multiple locations, inefficiencies and redundancies may result in wasting precious time and resources. Should your business outsource its accounting functions? Here are five good reasons why the answer to that questions should be yes.


    1. Reduce operating costs --By outsourcing for your company’s accounting services, you will immediately reduce significant overhead expenses such as benefits, training, hardware and software, and office supplies that would normally be allocated to your accounting department. When you save on these expenses by outsourcing, you can use the savings to reinvest in your company’s operations.


    1. Adjust service levels --Outsourcing for accounting services gives you the flexibility to pay only for the services you need -- when you need them -- and not when you don’t. For example, the cost of maintaining specialty accounting professionals on your staff year round is about 30 percent more than having them available only when you need them. As well, as your company’s budget, objectives, or goals change, the accounting services you require may also change. Having service level flexibility allows you to make necessary changes without adding or eliminating staff.


    1. Simplify audit and tax filing -- When the IRS, a bank, or other financial institution requests your company’s financial records from an outsourced accounting services provider, the integrity of the data is often assumed to be of high quality. Why? Because it is being managed by professionals who are most interested in doing the job correctly – not quickly – independent of the company’s management. When financial data is of high quality and the professionals who prepared it are of high integrity, audits and tax filings will go more smoothly.


    1. Access to experts --When your company decides to outsource its accounting services, you will discover that you are working with professionals who can objectively make financial decisions that strengthen your business. Their objectivity often creates an environment where these same seasoned experts can make helpful recommendations to your company’s leadership that may improve efficiency, save money, and minimize financial risks.


    1. Improve operational efficiency –By outsourcing your accounting functions, you can do what you do best: focus your time and attention on growing and running your business. When staff and management have less stress, fewer deadlines, and fewer responsibilities, they’re more productive and more efficient. More goals are accomplished and communications improve. Short of calling it a shortcut, outsourcing for accounting services is one way you can improve operational efficiency by taking some of the financial burdens off of your plate.


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